Personal Projects

Most recent personal projects will be included on my public GitHub profile.


  • Spell It Out! for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (2010)
    A simple ios application which spells out the phone words for your phone number and those of your contacts in your mobile device.
  • DeskCycle (2007)
    A monitoring application and web-based system for social feedback and sharing of exercise sessions, including a reference implementation with an under-desk bicycle. Recently open-sourced under GPL v3.0
  • "EasyRider" - Motorcycle Game (2005)
    A little side-scroller motorcycle game with online high score system. Implemented in Java as an applet.
  • Online Photo Management System (2003)
    Fully automated custom photo album system. Photos formatted and uploaded from camera to web with a double click. Developed in PHP/MySQL/Perl/HTML.
  • Web Work
    • Queens Road Vacation Home (2012)
      A basic website for a rental property that I manage. Fully responsive layout optimized for desktop/tablet/mobile. Technologies used: skeleton/960gs/jQuery/prettyPhoto/Flexslider/PHP/Smarty/HTML5/CSS3
    • Little Peoples Workshop (2005)
      A website for a chain of daycare centres. Domain administration and website design and implementation. Developed in PHP/Javascript/CSS/HTML. Features integrated photo management system, orientation booking system, and integrated geocoded map system using Google Maps API.
    • "" Redesign (2005)
      Table-less redesign of my personal website. Validated CSS2 and XHTML 1.0.


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